Experiential training/learning

When lack of competencies is the cause of non-performance, iinteg believes that experiential learning (often known as performance-based learning) is the only approach that can guarantee results.

Experiential learning is quite simple, but fundamentally different than the “academic” methods of learning we all experienced in school. It draws on the tenets of adult learning principles to build skills, not just impart knowledge. The guiding principles of experiential learning are:

  • The foundation of the learning must be job role specific and based on actual job tasks.
  • The training must clearly define what learners will be able to do, under what conditions, and to what standards. This becomes the basis of the learning content, as well as the reason for learning.
  • Learners must receive opportunities to practice skills under conditions that match the job as closely as possible.
  • Organizations are able to guarantee skill acquisition because learners must demonstrate competence before moving on.