Customized Performance Solutions


iinteg provides customized, integrated training and performance improvement consulting services.

These services span from the most strategic aspects of organizational learning and performance to the tactical levels of solution development and implementation.


We use the following approaches and techniques as the basis for our integrated, customized solutions:

Project Success Definition – Includes the anticipated results, measurable factors, audience(s), and job tasks within the project scope

Performance Problem Solving – Identifies the root causes of performance issues and recommends solutions

Job Definition/Clarification – Documents job responsibilities, tasks, and performance expectations


Curriculum/Program Design – Maps out how training topics/programs work together to address the target audience’s needs and learning environment

Training Development – Uses an experiential learning methodology to produce training in a variety of delivery formats and media, including web-based.

Process Design – Identifies optimum task-based work flow between performers and department

Success Evaluation – Builds from the project success definition to evaluate actual results of the project

Strategic Performance Planning – Consultation in solving organizational performance challenges, proactively setting up a performance-based culture, or setting up a Corporate University